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Icon Craft is a complete icon and cursor solution. Use it to express your artistic nature
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29 February 2008

Editor's review

There are lots of cases that occasionally arises where you really don’t like the designs of various images of your operating system or software and desperate to change into something very amusing. In order to deal with such cases we suggest you to use Icon Craft 4.14 which is a perfect software for creating and editing icons. This software program will enable you to edit any of your undermining images into beautiful icons as per your choice. Icon creation is not the only job this software program offers, it also enables you to extract icons conveniently from folders as well as libraries and save those icons individually in the folders as per your choice. You can easily download this software product from the internet and install it without any problem.

Icon Craft has a very simple and easy to use interface and any novice computer user can perform operation on it. The options and their adjoining details are placed on the right panel. You will be surprised to know that how conveniently you will be able to design icons with this software at your hand that demands no programming skills or any advance GUI or computer knowledge. All standard drawing tools are present on the left panel and one can also avail advanced effects like drop shadow etc. This software program offers an intuitive panel that helps you through all the stages of icon design. It also facilitates modifications of the color resolutions and changing the color bit. Apart from designing and editing the tool can be used for effective management of icons and classifying them as per ones need.

Owing to all the dynamic features and functionality that it provides we can rate it with three points on a scale of 5. The application does not work on adding advanced features and improve its collection of template icons.

Publisher's description

Icon Craft gives professional and amateur artists the ability to design and edit all the graphics required in the software development cycle, including icons, static and animated cursors, and other interface elements. All these graphics can now be designed using a single application.
Icon Craft offers a variety of features that cannot be found in standard graphics applications. Icon Craft includes the ability to import icons from executables, image and library files. The built-in search and extract function enables busy artists to scan through the contents of a folder or a drive and arrange all images found in any files into a single icon library for easy and effective management.
This program features a greatly improved image editor that offers graphic artists a number of breakthrough features, including the ability to create icons with several raster layers. Layers give you more freedom in using complex graphic tools and creating professional images. This new feature enables Icon Craft to rival any high-end graphics package. In fact, when considering icon creation, Icon Craft is already at the top of the list.
Icon Craft is supplied with all the essential drawing tools, including various kinds of airbrushes, pencils and paintbrushes, as well as miscellaneous text, line and shape tools. The software is well equipped in the effects department too and offers a variety of solid, patterned and gradient flood fills, drop shadow, smooth, color modification and other effects. The native support for the Windows XP icon format enables artists to create 32-bit icons. Icon Craft also includes a number of unique features, such as the ability to apply effects to multiple images in the icon collection.
Other new features in Icon Craft include the support for large images, the ability to export and import transparent PNG images, the ability to export all images from a library to a single 32-bit image and an improved interface.
Icon Craft
Icon Craft
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